Persona Non Grata

by The Acid Spy



The first official EP from The Acid Spy: "Persona Non Grata". Released on December the 16th 2011. Five songs about being unwanted, whether is in society or with your nearest and dearest. Emotional, danceable, thoughtful and full of hunger and spirit.

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released December 16, 2011

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Robin Velander



all rights reserved


The Acid Spy Sweden

The Acid Spy tells tales about modern society, modern love, modern people. Things that needs to be told, things that needs to be heard.
The world might be a dark and decadent place but we can't forget all its beauty and that nothing is hopeless.

Welcome to the little cliché called life...

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Track Name: Waterboarding
Competitors and enemies
Do you know who the enemy is
Please present your solution
And erase of all of the memories

The cold grows tense
”I'm rich but unhappy”
Always the same defense
Selfishness is my middle name

Denounce me, nurse me
As long as you are mine
Defend me, torture me
My role is pretty hard to play

Thousands of voices and fingers
Pointing up to the sky towards the new
And on the factory floor
Someone goes missing

Yet nothing has changed
That's what our lives are made of
But who controls those
Those who have control

Let me be your guide, please corrupt me
Take care of me before I turn
Into my demons

Love and hate
Doesn't matter anymore today
I think we're scoring
Down on your knees
Be my slave

I am surrounded by myself
So fucked and paranoid
Want to be my Valentine?
My enemy's enemy is my friend

Surprise me, control me
A machine in a strange world
Create me, deliver me
An educated God

Love and hate...

Oh my sweet standard, I'm so sick of you
Let me be, let me see
Before I see through

Love and hate...
Track Name: Assimilation Game
Oh can't you see
The liar in me
Counting the miracles
Parading down the streets
Rag men working shifts
Without the usual rifts
Rich men do the same
Without nothing to tame

Get down on kness and pray
Pray to the silver screen

C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon
This is your last chance
Willing willing finally willing
Give up your last dance
This is a scheme and a shame
Take all of your fame
Now I am one of you
Assimilation Game

Oh I can see
History in a filming scene
Forget your backgrounds
Forget your religion
Please stand in line, sir
And don't talk with driver
Look down in the floor
Or the floor will be the exit door

Don't be somebody
So somebody can be you

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon...

Take your time friend
You're all the same again

All the others came
To play this game

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon...
Track Name: Reaching Babylon
We are always
Building walls
Burning bridges
Tear up old scars

I'm swimming in a sea
In a sea of faces

Time is slipping by
Trying to fly
Reaching Babylon
What is going on?

Who can see my tears
In the water?
And who won't let me drown aloud
Becoming a face in the crowd

There are so many to blame
Always claiming their fame

Time is slipping by
Trying to fly
Reaching Babylon
What is going on?

We are trapped ones
We are the damned ones
Where are our swa
Waiting too long

Time is slipping by
Trying to fly
Reaching Babylon
What is going on?
Track Name: Thorns In My Wrists
I searched for you at Queen Street
And you know it, you know it
I couldn't see you, I crumble at your feet,
Will you find me, Find me?

But there is too much tension here
I'll try to see pass it
I kill the reflex to approach you
I know you see it cause there are

Thorns in my wrists, and you know it, you know it
Thorns in my wrists, You know it, please know it

I only got myself to blame
Punished in loneliness
And I've been counting all the times I've
Refused you and reduced you

I reached for you in the morning light
But your place is so empty now
I've felt your scent between the bed sheets
And now there is nothing there

Thorns in my wrists, refuse me, reduce me
Thorns in my wrists, nothing remains

Rain marches simply down the street
And all those place where we used to meet
Now I am all stuck in ice
I guess I have to pay the prize

We're born losers and I take the blame
In this world of constant shame
Soon it'll stop the beating of your heart
But it was dead right from the start

Thorns in my wrists
Confuse me, seduce me
And songs like this
Make me tired, tired
Track Name: The Big Fat Disease
I keep wondering about
what everyone sees
Trying to find a reason
Just want to runaway
But I simply keep on going
And this land is cold
Looking over my shoulder
In Kafka-esque dream
And I keep asking:
”What is wrong?”
And you keep answering:
”Nothing's wrong”

Turn your other cheek
And let the night's veil fall
I can't seem to imagine, anymore
Like a too strong sun
Burning as I come undone
Time kills everything that
Was before
I can't seem to break through
I just wanna be with you

Standing lonely
In this dark affair
Starting to fall
Into a Stockholm syndrome
The big brother keeps on looking
How did it turn out this way?
I don't want anymore
Trapped in a cage
And I keep asking:
”What is wrong”
And you answer:
”Everything's wrong”

Turn your other cheek...